Epic Milestone


The Problem

Epic Milestone had a hypothesis: There was an unscratched itch in the cycling community. They created a design that they wanted to sell on their own custom developed trophy, as well as on other products. In order to do this, they needed Coldsmoke's help to choose an ecommerce platform, design and develop a site, and integrate with a fulfillment partner that sold other products that would resonate with their target customers.

The Solution

We worked with Epic Milestone to understand their goals of getting a site up quickly to test & learn. We recommended Shopify both because the platform is quick to get started on, and will scale with your business.

We integrated with Printful to handle the fulfillment of the additional products, and suddenly Epic Milestone was born!

The Results

At the end of our engagement, a new entrepreneur and brand were born. We designed and developed a custom store to get Epic Milestone up and running. We created over 500 products for them to sell, integrating with a fulfillment partner to handle the backend processes required.