Accessibility Remediation Development

Coldsmoke Creative offers full-service Accessibility Development services, including review and remediation. We can modify your existing templates or develop new projects that are in compliance with WCAG guidelines from the start. We work with top ADA experts to provide a thorough review of your site and then work with them to remediate at a code-level where necessary.


In addition to using automated tools, we emphasize thorough screen reader testing and detailed manual inspection. This approach ensures that the website or app will not only meet accessibility standards but will also be easy to use for people with disabilities.

Our evaluation includes, but is not limited to, the following steps:

  • Scan using industry-leading accessibility tools;
  • Screen Reader (JAWS and/or NVDA) testing;
  • Code analysis;
  • Testing in multiple browsers, including mobile environments;
  • Color contrast and screen magnification analysis;
  • Keyboard accessibility testing;
  • Verification of link destinations;
  • PDF review in Acrobat Pro DC (for any linked PDF files).

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