Headless E-Commerce

Since the term began surfacing in eCommerce circles a few years ago, “headless commerce” has been growing in popularity. Today, major brands like Lancome and Michael Kors use headless architecture to run their eCommerce stores. Online brands who are serious about their online presence will be making moves to take a headless e-commerce approach.


Headless commerce is a type of website architecture that features a separated frontend and backend. This means that your frontend elements (like your storefront design and presentation) can run independently from your backend functionality (like shipping and fulfillment, analytics, customer data, and taxes.)


It’s a simple but radical innovation: with headless commerce, merchants are free to update their customer-facing websites without backend code changes or system updates. The reverse is also true: Headless commerce also allows brands to update their backend systems without disrupting their frontend customer experience.


If you want to have the best online shopping experience for your customers and future-proof your e-commerce property, talk to us about going headless.

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