Headless Ecommerce

Headless ecommerce platforms unlock the potential for unlimited design possibilities, reduced page loading speed, faster shopping experiences, and increased conversions by taking advantage of modern frontend frameworks like React and NextJS. The improved look and feel results in increased conversion rates, increased average order value, improved SEO, and the technology shift allows for freedom from constraints of monolithic platforms where the frontend and backend are closely intertwined.

A headless ecommerce platform provides the technology that powers the frontend of an online store without the need for a traditional head, or backend. Separating the frontend of the website from the backend ecommerce system provides greater flexibility and scalability.

It’s a simple but radical innovation: with headless commerce, merchants can update their customer-facing websites without backend code changes or system updates. The reverse is also true: Headless commerce allows brands to update their backend systems without disrupting their frontend customer experience.

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