Custom Shopify Development

Shopify is one of the best platforms to launch a new business, so when CEO Erick Quay was looking for a platform to launch his new company, we strongly recommended Shopify (over WooCommerce, for example). Shopify takes care of everything from a technical standpoint so that Erick could focus on his laundry list of responsibilities to get to launch. He partnered with us to help help modify an existing theme he had purchased and help get him set up on the Shopify platform.

ReCharge Integration

One of the features we implemented was an integration with ReCharge to manage Dosely's subscription business. A main focus of the business is recurring revenue, and seeing as the product is a daily vitamin, subscriptions were an obvious and important feature. We integrated with the ReCharge API via their Shopify application and configured the settings to match Dosely's business requirements.

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