Privacy Pop is a digitally native vertical brand (DNVB) that sells bed tents that turns a kids room into a magical escape or an adults room into a quiet respite from the busy world around them. When we met the Privacy Pop team, they were already killing it on Shopify Plus with a product that people love and a strong digital marketing game, but they knew they could do better. Like a lot of stores that have been on a platform for a long time, they had accumulated lots of apps and legacy code that was slowing the site down. Their page-load speed was around 20 seconds, and per Google, 58% of your mobile traffic will leave if they have to wait more than 3 seconds. So, 20 seconds is…not great.


We rebuilt their store pixel-for-pixel as a progressive web application (PWA) and built them a headless storefront that connects to their existing Shopify Plus account. After one month, results speak for themselves. One of the benefits of a faster site is how much more efficient your digital marketing spend will be. For example, Privacy Pop’s Facebook and Instagram acquisition numbers:

  • Bounce rate down 30.42%
  • Pages per Session up 190.10%
  • Average Session Duration up 49.46%
  • Ecommerce Conversion Rate up 46.02%



Nacelle is the secret sauce in allowing us to build the fastest e-commerce stores on Shopify Plus. They allow for sub-second page-to-page load times and performance that feels like a native app. See below for the results. Spoiler Alert: conversions up, bounce rate down.


Contentful is a world-class content management system. With the new frontend built on Nacelle, it hooks up seamlessly to Contentful where Privacy Pop can now manage landing pages and editorial content all without developer intervention.

Shopify Plus

The best part about using Nacelle is that it works with the e-commerce platform that Privacy Pop already knew and loved: Shopify Plus. This means managing products, collections, and most importantly, checkout works just like before.

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