Sid and Ann Mashburn

Mashburn, their Challenges and Pain Points

Sid & Ann Mashburn is a one-of-a-kind luxury fashion brand dedicated to creating classic yet modern clothing for both men and women.

When it comes to their in-store retail experiences, Sid and Ann leave no detail overlooked. Personalized service, high-end store design and custom tailoring are just a few of the many ways they create a memorable shopping experience for their customers.

Having said that, their ecommerce site had fallen behind their usual impeccable standards and was neglected. Their old site was unstable and was running on an outdated version of Magento that could no longer be updated. A full-time IT team was required to continuously patch and maintain issues to keep the site running. It was clear that something needed to be done to improve the user experience and backend operations.

On top of that, Sid and Ann’s ecommerce sites were two separate properties and they wanted to build a combined cart for a seamless shopping experience. It was time for our development team to create a shopping experience that lives up to the high standards they set for their business!

Coldsmoke’s Solution

As a fast growing company with an eye towards elevating their ecommerce game, we recommended migrating to Shopify Plus. It was immediately clear that they would stand to benefit from Shopify Plus' stability as a platform, their continuous innovation, and the rich developer ecosystem.

We partnered with Outline, a design & strategy agency based in Charleston, SC, and with Mashburn's creative team, to design a site that matched their elevated and unique aesthetic, while also following ecommerce best practices to ensure an improved site experience for users.

Once the site design was completed, we took the files and developd a completely custom Shopify Liquid theme, pixel perfect to the design, while achieving impressive performance metrics.

The theme includes rich functionality like a multi-brand experience with a shared cart, leveraging a Shopify feature called "layouts" which ensure that depending on the customer journey, they will always land where they expect and want to be. The theme also includes a heavily custom "made-to-measure" functionality to capture custom-tailored orders.

Like any platform migration, the data migration was a key part of the project. We handled the migration of all of their customer, order, product, and content data from Magento to Shopify Plus.

Finally, we assisted with the onboarding and training for implementing Shopify POS in their 6 store locations.

The Results

Mashburn's new site is faster, easier for customers to use, and easier for Mashburn to manage on the backend. It no longer crashes during sales or requires a full IT team to manage on a day to day basis to fight off failures or hacks.

They experienced a 150% improvement in sales during their first Black Friday Cyber Monday on the new site when compared to the old site. So needless to say, the new site is paying off!

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