Platform Migration

We get that when you move from a different ecommerce platform to Shopify or Shopify Plus, it can be scary. But, with the right agency for the job it doesn't have to be.

Many of our existing clients were surprised to find that their business needs, which used to take multiple hacks and plugins to accomplish, were supported natively, out of the box in Shopify. For scenarios where you have a unique requirement, Shopify has partnered with thousands of App developers to create unique solutions for niche requirements. And if a solution isn't already available, Coldsmoke also has the technical ability to develop custom Shopify Applications to solve your pain points.

We handle everything: the data migration (customers, orders, products, blog posts, redirects, domain registration, assets, etc), Shopify UI/UX design, Shopify Theme development, and perhaps most importantly, customized user guides with screenshots and loom videos to show you how to use your new platform. 

So, if you have questions like: "How will I manage orders?" or 'What should I do about shipping?'  Coldsmoke has the answers – contact us below to start planning your future, tailormade Shopify website. 

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