We get it. Moving to a new platform is scary. You’re so familiar with your existing platform, that even if it drives you crazy, at least its familiar!


How will I manage orders? How will shipping work? How will I handle discount codes, and reporting? How can I make sure no historical data is lost?


That’s where we come in. After handling migrations for clients big and small, we have a defined process for handling migrations to Shopify and Shopify Plus.


Many clients are suprised to find that their requirements, which used to take multiple hacks and plugins to accomplish, are actually supported natively out of the box in Shopify. For any others, there’s usually a highly respected app in the Shopify App Store to quickly solve the need. And for any really unique use cases, we can develop custom Shopify Applications to solve your need.


We handle everything: the data migration (customers, orders, products, blog posts, redirects, domain registration, assets, etc), the Shopify UI/UX design, the Shopify Theme development, and perhaps most importantly, customized user guides with screenshots and loom videos to show you how to use your new platform. We also will include some trainings via Zoom videos, or in-person trainings (whenever that is kosher again).


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