Six reasons why businesses are choosing to migrate from Magento to Shopify.

Do you feel like your store might be suffering due to the limitations of the Magento platform?

You’re not alone. Magento’s market share has been on the decline over the last few years, Magento’s market share has dipped under 2% while Shopify has been rapidly growing in popularity, with close to 4 times the user base of Magento to date.

So, why are companies bailing on Magento at a record rate and jumping aboard the Shopify Plus bandwagon? 

Since helping dozens of ecommerce sites make the transition, we have a crystal clear understanding of the common issues, concerns, and deal breakers that have finally convinced business owners that Magento could no longer support their ecommerce needs.

Download Coldsmoke’s Whitepaper to learn the exact reasons why Magento falls short, and what you can do about it to:

  • Improve your store’s performance
  • Reduce or eliminate site maintenance costs
  • Update your site’s design and functionality without a team of in-house developers
  • Boost your bottom line


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