Today I Learned – Shopify’s New York Location

Every day our clients ask us to help enhance their Shopify stores with the latest features and other ideas to help improve their customer’s experience + their business. In this series, we share our daily learnings in the endeavor of helping merchants on their way to success. This is a running series about our daily learnings that we hope brings value to the Shopify community.

Today I learned…[003]

…that the Shopify location in New York City has a dedicated space for local merchants to showcase their products available for sale online.

The brands of the products exhibited vary every week and I’m not 100% sure how new merchants are selected, but according to the staff at the location there is no availability for showcasing products until January 2022.

Keep an eye on the Shopify NY page for news about this:

Fun Fact: Studies show that the presence of physical stores increases brand’s e-commerce traffic by 37% (