Why Bots Are Killing Ecommerce Experiences And How To Stop It 

It’s time to beat the bot on Shopify. Bots have become a major problem for anyone trying to sell hyped goods or any goods for that matter.

They can crash websites by overwhelming traffic, making the purchasing experience a nightmare for customers. Not only do bots scoop up all the inventory, checking out faster than a human can, but they often resell the same products on the secondary market for inflated prices.

This creates a terrible experience for both the brand and the customer. Customers are left frustrated and disappointed, and the brand suffers from negative social media and customer service reviews.

Beating the Bots: How We Solved The Problem of Avoiding Overwhelmed Traffic for One of Our Clients.

Before joining Coldsmoke, one of our customers faced excessive bot trolling on one of the product drops. They are the kind of brand that sells out in just five minutes of a drop and generate some of the most extensive traffic on Shopify, so as I’m sure you can imagine, this issue was incredibly frustrating for them.

To combat this problem, we worked closely with the brand and the Shopify team to devise a solution.

We created a separate expansion store on a secret URL that was only revealed at drop time. This store was layered with multiple security features, allowing us to create a lightweight site that could be checked out quickly by real customers faster than the bots could react.

This solution allowed our customers to beat the bots and offer a better experience for their customers. 

It’s just one example of how we constantly strive to improve our clients’ ecommerce stores. Does this sound like something you’re experiencing with your brand? Let’s jump on a call and sort it out.