Why The Security Risks Of An Open-Sourced Platform Are Not Worth It 

If you run an ecommerce business, it’s essential to prioritize the security of your business and your customers’ data. Choosing the right platform is an important part of this. While open-source platforms may seem appealing due to their low cost and flexibility, they can also present a significant security risk.

Why Open Source Platforms Can Be Risky

One of the main reasons that open source platforms can be risky is that the source code is publicly available. Open-source platforms are often developed by a community who may not have the same level of security expertise as a professional development team agencies. Hackers and bad actors can review all source code created and take advantage of any vulnerabilities. This can leave your business and your customer’s data at risk of being hacked.

The Benefits of a Hosted Platform in a Closed System

A hosted platform such as Shopify is typically developed by a professional team with a focus on security. Our Shopify clients can expect regular security audits and testing to ensure that they are as secure as possible. Additionally, closed source platforms often have a smaller attack surface because the source code is not publicly available, making it more difficult for hackers to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

In addition to improved security, hosted platforms offer various other benefits. These can include access to technical support, ease of use, and the ability to scale as your business.

Is It Time to Consider a Switch?

Of course, no platform is entirely foolproof, and security breaches are always risky. However, a hosted platform in a closed system like Shopify does provide an extra layer of protection that can help to mitigate these risks.

Furthermore, partnering with a Shopify agency can further assist your brand with security risks by providing access to a team of professionals. We identify and address any potential security vulnerabilities in your online store, as well as implement best practices and safeguards to prevent future attacks.

We also provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that the online store remains secure. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that do not have in-house resources or expertise to manage their online security efficiently.

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