Shopify Editions Summer 2024

At Coldsmoke Creative, it's our tradition to share the latest Shopify Editions as soon as they're released.

Today, we're diving into the highlights of Shopify's Summer 2024 Edition, unveiling over 150 new updates designed to elevate your online store's capabilities and streamline operations.

Let's explore how these innovations can empower your business and drive growth in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Top Highlights from Shopify Summer Editions 2024

Shopify's latest updates focus on integrating essential workflows and infrastructure, setting new standards for efficiency and integration across the platform.

To help you navigate through the most significant announcements, we've curated the top 10 updates that every Shopify merchant should know about.


Shopify introduces Markets, a centralized command center that unifies cross-border sales, B2B operations, and retail transactions into one cohesive platform.

As a central command center, Shopify's Markets allows you to personalize buyer experiences for:
  • Selling in person with a Shopify POS
  • Selling internationally
  • Expanding into B2B
Markets gathers all of these functions into one place in your admin, as opposed to dispersing them throughout our platform as we previously did. No more switching between different workflows or stores. All you have to do is establish a new market, make your necessary adjustments, and you're set to go live.

Unified Analytics

Experience rebuilt analytics with real-time data and customizable reports, empowering informed decision-making.

The result is new ways to see, explore, and curate your data in real time with unified analytics, which will work for you faster, smarter, and more intuitively.

It will allow you to make more informed decisions and optimize your strategy. By streamlining the process, you can focus on growing your business and increasing sales with ease.

Split Shipping

Enhance customer clarity and control over shipping choices with Split Shipping, offering flexibility in delivery options.

Now, with split shipping in checkout, customers can see if their orders in multiple shipping speeds are available, customers can select options between lowest price, or fastest, or even customize for each shipment so they have more control over speed and cost.

Shopify Magic

Magic now provides intelligent, personalized suggestions instantly for every product category.

In order to minimize listing errors and make it easier for customers to find your products on your online store, social media, and marketplaces, it will assign new products the proper attributes, such as color, size, and style. 

Shopify Theme Style Settings

Enjoy creative freedom with customizable storefront layouts using Shopify Theme Style Settings, adapting to evolving brand aesthetics seamlessly.

With new style settings, liquid theme developers can now give merchants more layout flexibility and use static blocks and block targeting to create more opinionated sections. In developer preview right now.

Hydrogen Visual Editor

With the help of Hydrogen Visual Editor, transform headless commerce and enable quicker development and teamwork.

Using a shared store view, the Hydrogen Visual Editor enables your entire team to design, merchandise, and construct.

Your code is still the final word, and simple, tiny diffs are used to sync changes to GitHub.

Managed Markets

Simplify global expansion complexities with Managed Markets, handling international sales, tax compliance, and shipping logistics.

To make using Managed Markets more appealing to foreign buyers, include duties and taxes in local pricing, refrain from selling products that are restricted, negotiate better shipping costs, and amend current orders.

Ship To & From Retail Stores

Connect online and in-store operations with seamless order management and fulfillment capabilities.

Increase the ease and flexibility with which customers can receive their orders.

Use Shopify POS to ship goods straight from a store, or transfer online orders to the customer's preferred location for pickup.

Easy Retail Checkout

Optimize in-store customer experiences with streamlined checkout processes and enhanced connectivity features.

  • Retailers should provide one-tap digital receipts (customers who use Shop Pay in-store can receive digital receipts and opt-out of marketing by displaying their email during the checkout process).
  • Automatically determine whether a product is returnable and provide staff with a rationale

With clearer in-store return policies on Shopify POS, digital receipts that allow customers to opt into your email list, and retail is now more efficient with easier staff attribution.

Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns

Drive conversions with targeted marketing strategies through Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns, maximizing ROI on digital platforms.

With the recent enhancements to Shopify Audiences and Shop Campaigns, you now have a competitive advantage to increase customer conversion and optimize your spending.

With Shopify Audiences, you can increase your customer base on the leading digital ad platforms. With custom audience lists, you can target the most interested buyers with your ads.

These are generated by powerful algorithms and millions of commerce signals available only to Shopify.

With Shopify Audiences, you can reach potential customers who are more likely to convert, ultimately increasing your ROI on advertising efforts.

Also with Shop Campaigns, which is another way to reach millions of customers on and off Shopify. Now you can drive additional reach with promotion on external platforms like Google, Facebook, and Instagram. With this, you only pay  for conversions at the customer acquisition cost and return on ad spend you set.

Additionally, you can extend your Shop Campaign to Canadian buyers to get even more sales at a sustainable cost.

Additional Updates from Shopify Summer Editions 2024

In addition to these major highlights, Shopify introduces several other notable updates to enhance various aspects of your online business:

  • Sell Online Features: Enhanced Shop sign-in features, expanded product taxonomy, and improved Shopify search and discovery capabilities.
  • Sell in Person Features: Advanced POS functionalities including tailored return rules and digital receipt options.
  • Sell Wholesale Features: Introduction of the B2B-themed Trade, upcoming Markets features for B2B, and enhanced checkout flexibility.
  • Sell Globally Features: Streamlined duties and taxes integration, expanded market restriction controls, and enhanced payment options.
  • Checkout Features: Free Checkout Blocks app, expanded customization capabilities, and exclusive features for Shopify Plus users.


At Coldsmoke Creative, we understand the pivotal role advanced ecommerce tools play in driving business success.

Shopify’s Summer 2024 Edition introduces a robust array of features—from AI-driven enhancements and powerful analytics to seamless global market management and enhanced checkout experiences—that empower merchants to thrive in a competitive digital landscape.

Migrating to Shopify with Coldsmoke Creative offers your business unparalleled scalability, actionable insights, and a comprehensive suite of tools designed to accelerate growth and operational efficiency.

To navigate these transformative opportunities and harness Shopify’s latest innovations effectively, connect with us today.

Our team is dedicated to helping you leverage these advancements, ensuring your ecommerce strategy is primed for success.

Explore more about Shopify's Summer 2024 Edition and elevate your ecommerce strategy today. Learn more.

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