Pioneering Shopify Partnerships

Pioneering Shopify Partnerships

In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, smart strategies are crucial for success. We uncover the origins of the largest Shopify agency globally. It's a tale of creativity, teamwork, and hard work turning a big dream into reality.

Discovering Untapped Potential

It all started with a realization about Blue Acorn's special approach, their pioneering channel partnership program unearthed an untapped market niche within the Shopify ecosystem. Back then, this idea was new and not widely used. Despite the market still growing, this concept laid the foundation for future success

Taking the Big Step

Dylan Whitman, with a clear vision, reached out to Shopify with an ambitious plan: "I want to build the biggest Shopify agency in the world." His goal was to make a significant impact on the industry and create something remarkable.

The Shopify team responded, and with the help of key players like Jamie Sutton, they started working together even before Shopify Plus existed. They worked tirelessly to bring their innovative approach to the market, knowing they were onto something big.

From the beginning, they stayed focused on their goal and worked hard, despite the non-existence of Shopify Plus during their collaboration, their vision remained resolute. Their dedication paid off, and within five years, they had built a thriving business and made their mark in the industry.


In the e-commerce world, success often comes from fresh ideas and a relentless drive to succeed. The incredible journey of Inveterate from a unique partnership concept to becoming the leading Shopify agency globally shows us what can be achieved with determination and a clear goal. It's not just their story; it's a roadmap for anyone with big dreams in the digital world.

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