Recognizing Patterns of Success: Building Inveterate

Recognizing Patterns of Success: Building Inveterate

Success is often the result of a series of decisions and opportunities. In this  discussion, we go over into the story of Dylan, an entrepreneur who not only built a thriving business but also ventured into angel investing, navigating the challenging landscape of innovation.

Pioneering the Shopify Partner Program

"How much credit do we owe you for the Shopify partner program?" This question unravels a unique narrative woven by Dylan. Despite his modest response of "none," he played a crucial role in building the first agency in the Shopify partner program. It was an achievement that involved recognizing successful strategies and applying them in unexplored domains.

Pattern Recognition 

Dylan's journey was characterized by his ability to recognize patterns of success and adapt them to unconventional territories. He didn't reinvent the wheel; instead, he saw its potential and applied it in new and untouched areas. This skill became a valuable asset in his career.

Hitting Milestones

While working with BVA, Dylan had a clear goal in mind – to build and sell within five years. Remarkably, he achieved this milestone. But what came next? Did he immediately dive into angel investing?

Dylan's first leap into angel investing was with Gorgias, just before the sale of BVA. This early success set the stage for further diversification. He explored direct-to-consumer stores and even developed a Shopify app. However, these endeavors remained as side projects rather than full-time commitments.

The Turning Point

In September 2021, Dylan experienced a turning point. He felt a strong desire to build a new platform and fully immerse himself in the project. It wasn't just another endeavor; it was the next big thing. However, with this ambition came added pressure and a sense of responsibility to succeed.

Embracing the Pressure

The pressure to succeed multiplied as all eyes focused on Dylan's efforts. Failure was no longer an option. As this gripping narrative unfolds, we understand that success goes beyond achievements; it involves embracing pressure, learning from setbacks, and forging ahead.


The path of entrepreneurship and angel investing is seldom straightforward. It requires vision, adaptability, and the ability to seize opportunities. Dylan's story serves as an inspiration for those venturing down this path. It showcases the importance of recognizing successful patterns, diversifying endeavors, and embracing the weight of ambition.

As we conclude this insightful conversation, we are reminded that the journey of an entrepreneur is an intricate tapestry of experiences, each contributing to the greater narrative of innovation and success.
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